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At premium car rentals, a great convenience is the possibility of both, returning the vehicle to a place previously designated by the customer, or directly to the dental. The user also specifies the time of returning the vehicle. Due to the fact that the fee for remote vehicle return depends on the distance from the rental company, it is recommended to return the car directly to the company. Punctuality is important, but if you know in advance that you will be late you should call the hirer. Often, thanks to this, you can avoid a disturbing fee. The returned car must be clean inside and out and fully fueled. Otherwise, you should take into account the additional cost of refueling / washing / cleaning the car by the company. Simply put: the car must be returned in the condition in which it was rented. Of course, the wear and tear associated with the normal operation of the vehicle is neglected here. When the car is returned, it is inspected. If it was damaged due to the fault of the Customer, he is obliged to pay an additional fee in accordance with the General Terms and Conditions of the Vehicle Rental (“OWNP”).


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Yes. The rented vehicle can be driven by a person who is at least 21 years old and has had a driving license for at least one year. The user is required to prove his identity with a document other than the driving license in order to prevent forgery. This may seem like a lot of paperwork, but all of this is to verify that the person can actually drive the vehicle and keep both parties safe. Each company can act in accordance with its policy. There are no specific, unified standards on the market, and it is not sanctioned in any way. So if you know before renting a car that you want another driver to drive it too, check the Terms and Conditions if it is possible in the rental company that interests you. At Marina Car Rent, it is possible to add a driver to the rental, but he must present the same documents as the tenant. Otherwise, the rule is simple: the car can be lent to any driver, while the owner is responsible for any damage. Few companies do not specify in the contract that only one specific person can drive the vehicle. However, it is worth reading the contract in order to avoid additional costs resulting from breaking one of the provisions of the contract, even unintentionally.


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All cars, after being handed over by customers, and also before renting, are thoroughly disinfected with the use of specialized agents. The following elements are disinfected with special care: steering wheel, gear lever, turn signal and wiper levers, handbrake lever or button, internal and external handles, dashboard with display, seat belts, car keys. Disinfection also involves the action of air vents to reduce the risk of multiplication of bacteria and possible microorganisms. Our preventive actions are in line with the recommendations of the State Sanitary Inspection and the Ministry of Health. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we recommend traveling with the use of rented cars, which are a safe alternative to trains, planes and other means of public transport.


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The term of the rental depends on you. It can cover a period of two weeks or more than a year. It is worth knowing that long-term rental can always be a subject to price negotiation. Contrary to leasing or credit purchase, long-term rental gives much more possibilities to negotiate the duration of the service. This is undoubtedly the biggest advantage of this solution. Also, you don’t have to worry about tire changes, vehicle insurance and possible repairs. In the event of damage to the car that is not your fault, you are entitled to a replacement car, and if you get bored of the car or you simply no longer need it, then you can return it or choose another one.


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If you dream about a weekend trip outside the city, and at the same time you are concerned that your car will reach its destination without failures, rentals such as Marina Car Rent offer weekend rental. Among our vehicles you will find the iconic convertible, sports hatchback and well-equipped limousine. This is not the end, our fleet is constantly growing! Regardless of your preferences, desired destination or your own whims, we have a car that will take you on a journey in your style. Just the one you’ve been wanting for a long time. Or maybe your car just went to the workshop for repair? Renting a car for the weekend is a relatively small cost in exchange for great opportunities. Our cars were not designed to simply transport people from point A to point B. They were created to make the driver feel special in them and feel an amazing driving experience every time, with all his senses.


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